Radio & Records has confirmed that Luis Jiménez will return to New York mornings on Jan. 17 on Univision Radio's Latin rhythm WCAA (La Kalle) with "The Luis Jiménez Show."

Jiménez was last heard in the Big Apple as host of the morning show "El Vacilón de la Mañana" on Spanish Broadcasting System’s tropical WSKQ (Mega). His contract with SBS ended in December 2006, but he didn't reach an agreement to re-sign. Jiménez instead joined Univision Radio in early 2007 to host "The Luis Jiménez Show." However, he could not broadcast in N.Y. until 2008 due to a non-compete with SBS. When Jiménez exited SBS, "El Vacilón" was No. 1 in the market, regardless of language.

"The Luis Jiménez Show" is also set to return to Puerto Rico's airwaves on Uno Radio Group's tropical Salsoul network, which includes WPRM, on Jan. 3.

"We'll be giving more then 100% of ourselves now that we're back in New York and Puerto Rico," show producer María Alma told R&R. "We're ready to do reality radio, and Luis is counting the days. Returning to New York is a great joy for Luis, because he misses his audience."

"We’re ready!" she added. "'The Luis Jiménez Show' has gone through an evolution, and has a very experienced new team of people from different nationalities and cultures, all under Luis' direction."

"The Luis Jiménez Show" is also syndicated in Fresno, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco and Fort Myers, Fla.