In a nod to the changing Latin demographic of the East Coast, the Miami airwaves will welcome the strains of regional Mexican music on Jan. 5.

The imminent launch of La Raza 106.3 FM was previously announced in Billboard (, Oct. 24), but was only officially announced by Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) on Jan. 3.

The SBS network already owns La Raza stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, with programming that targets Mexican and Central American listeners. La Raza becomes the fourth SBS-owned station in southern Florida. La Raza will program a broad range of regional Mexican music, covering many subgenres, according to Pio Ferro, national program director for SBS.

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, which would be reached by La Raza's signal, comprises the 12th largest radio market in the nation, according to Arbitron. The market has a population of 3.5 million, of which 1.6 million, or 45% of the total, is Hispanic. A growing number of those Hispanics are now of Mexican origin.

The launch of La Raza reflects the expansion of the Mexican population, which had traditionally been concentrated in the West and Southwest. In February 2007, Univision Radio launched WZAA-FM, La Que Buena, in New York City.