The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) struck another blow in the battle against music piracy this week when a Dublin court handed a prison sentence to a man caught selling CDs illegally.

In the Tallaght District Court, Judge McDonnell on Tuesday sentenced Thomas Ward, of Tallaght, Dublin, to 12 months in jail.

Ward was arrested on June 19, 2005, after he was caught offering for sale 112 counterfeit music CDs and a large quantity of DVDs which he was selling from the boot of his brown Vauxhall Cavalier.

"We are delighted with this sentence," said Dick Doyle, director general of IRMA, in a statement. "Last November, the very first jail sentence was imposed in Ireland for music piracy, he adds. "This sends out a strong warning to anyone involved in illegal counterfeiting and CD selling."

Recently, the High Court gave IRMA the go-ahead to press six ISP to provide the names of 23 people involved in illegal music file-sharing. IRMA says it plans to continue with more prosecutions.