Bilingual entertainment network MTV Tr3s is revamping its Artist of the Month campaign with an intensified promo series modeled on MTV's "52/52".

The new campaign, "Artists Speaking Tr3s," debuts Feb. 1 and features one artist a month with approximately 11 hours of on-air promo time. The first act featured will be urban bachata group Aventura, who will appear in 30- to 60-second vignettes testing the power of their music in a "laboratory."

In addition to heavy promo spot rotation, the campaign includes special appearances on MTV Tr3s shows, online and wireless exposure, much like MTV Tr3s' previous Artist of the Month series.

The lengthy TV promos, produced with the bands' collaboration, are a smaller-scale version of "52/52" - the MTV campaign that features a new band every week in all its promos. That series boosted sales for instrumental act Rodrigo y Gabriela and rock band Paramore, which posted respective album sales gains of 209% and 127% the weeks after they were featured. But "Artists Speaking Tr3s" will highlight already-major artists, with a total of 10 per year.

MTV Tr3s reaches 6.2 million Hispanic TV households and 31.9 million total homes.