Latin star Julio Iglesias Jr., whose father famously dueted with Willie Nelson, is the winner of the CMT reality show "Gone Country." His single, "The Way I Want You" (Team/EMI Latin), which he co-wrote with James Slater and Tammy Hyler, will be shipped to country radio on March 10. A live performance video for the song will air on CMT.

Hosted by John Rich of Big & Rich, the seven episode series found Iglesias, Maureen McCormick, Sisqo, Dee Snider, Diana DeGarmo, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson competing for the chance to release a single produced by Rich to country radio.

Unlike other reality shows in which the audience chose the winner, the contestants on “Gone Country” only had to impress one person, Rich.

In a recent Billboard exclusive interview, before the results were announced, Rich had this to say about Igelsias. "His only weakness is the language barrier and I am not sure that is so much of a weakness, really. He doesn't know a lot about country as far as modern country, [but] he knows a lot about old country because of his dad. We have been looking for a bridge to bridge that gap between the Hispanic community and country music for forever. We could really use a couple of artists that speak their language and speak our language and bridge the two together. If he wanted to stick with it and take a serious run at it, he could do something."