Among the hundreds of acts on this year's South by Southwest bill, a number are poised to reach the next level of success. Below are a dozen to keep an eye on.

Bon Iver

What do you get when you mix equal parts of lovelorn folk genius and haunting winter landscape, and let it ferment for three months inside a remote cabin in northwestern Wisconsin? Bon Iver. The band is the progeny of Justin Vernon, who fled to the barren woods after breaking up with his band and girlfriend. He spent months recording what would become his debut album, "For Emma, Forever Ago." The evocative album is a testament to Vernon's skill as a songwriter, chronicling his feelings of loss through a choir of innovative harmonies and organic ambience. Bon Iver is playing SXSW after a North American tour with Black Mountain.

White Shoe & the Couples Company

Influenced by Indonesian movie soundtracks from the '70s and jazz from the '30s, White Shoe & the Couples Company offer a refreshing break from the usual indie rock at SXSW. Sure, they met at art school, but the fact that they met at an art school on the other side of the world and have been called "the best indie pop band in Indonesia" sets them apart from the pack. The band's debut album, out now on Minty Fresh, swings with Stereolab-meets-Bollywood style.

Alina Simone

Alina Simone isn't just coming to SXSW to promote her last record, 2007's lovely and mournful "Placelessness." She also has a new project up her sleeve—an album covering the music of Russian punk-folk legend Yanka Dyagileva, sung in Russian. Born in the Ukraine and raised in Boston, Simone channels Cat Power and PJ Harvey, with clever lyrics about being lost on the road, watching a lover crash before your eyes and finding out just how interconnected most of humanity really is.

White Rainbow/Adam Forkner

White Rainbow frontman Adam Forkner has plenty of experience with psychedelic rock groups, but he's decided to explore a different style of music with his solo work, creating experimental/psychedelic electronic music whose references include Miles Davis, La Monte Young and Tangerine Dream. In addition, he incorporates multimedia aspects into his work. In 2005, Forkner released White Rainbow's debut album, "Zome," a collaboration with the band Landing that combines elements of space rock and ambient music. In 2007, Forkner followed up with three self-titled albums in spring, summer and fall. White Rainbow's most recent EP, "Sky Drips Drifts," was released in January on States Rights Records.

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