Colombia's first foray into digital music sales comes via a mobile company. The country's first digital music store, Comcel Ideas Music Store, was launched by carrier Comcel, and allows full track downloads of songs via cellphones. Without additional cost, users can download a copy to their computers or vice versa.

The store offers catalog from EMI and Warner Music (although not all artists are available yet) as well as music from indie Colombian labels like Codoscos and MTM.

Each Comcel Ideas track comes at a hefty price of 5,440 pesos (4,000 per track, 1,440 for data transfer). With today's devaluated dollar, that translates to nearly $3, an astronomical price for a developing country where many music consumers for years have been illegally downloading music for free.

Comcel's platform was developed and is operated by iMusica in Brazil, one of the oldest online digital stores in the world, launched in 2000. Comcel's launch in Colombia is part of an overall regional strategy by América Móvil, which owns a majority stake in Comcel. América Móvil is behind similar services in Brazil and Argentina, while ones are planned for Mexico and Chile.