I have little to complain about. As a mobile media pioneer who sold 85% of his company to a Japanese concern three years ago, the wireless world has been very, very good to me.

But like one of those great bands that have a strong regional following yet just can’t crack the big time, it’s frustrating as hell to see the mobile industry—despite its growth and considerable heat—continually punch under its weight and not live up to its full potential.

And it’s a drag, because mobile is an industry that’s filled with passionate, intelligent people, many who actually give a damn about its future. And it’s not that we don’t know what sucks about being in mobile . . . we just don’t bitch about it in public.

Until now.

So if I can take you behind the curtain and let you in on what we all say in private, this is what’s wrong with the mobile media space, summarized by four I’s...

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