Singer/songwriter Ricardo Montaner, winner of Billboard's 2007 Spirit of Hope Award for his humanitarian work, will produce a far-reaching film that will document the state of children throughout Latin America.

Co-produced with UNICEF as part of Montaner's association with the organization through his own foundation, La Ventana de Los Cielos, the documentary will travel through Latin America in an attempt to highlight the plight of children living in poverty and point toward solutions and possibilities for change.

"If countries are not seriously preoccupied with guaranteeing adequate education, nutrition, education and social opportunities, the children in the region will be only numbers in an increasingly violent and unfair reality," said Montaner.

Montaner has long been committed to multiple children's causes, primarily throughout Latin America. Here, his Ventana de Los Cielos Foundation works with disadvantaged and handicapped children, but abroad, Montaner has taken on an increasing number of advocacies. That work, he says, led him to the idea of a film that would document the issues he'd encountered and would include testimony from politicians and organizations as well as children and their families.

Production has already started for the documentary which is tentatively titled "Los Hijos del Sol" and whose soundtrack will be produced by Montaner. All proceeds from "Los Hijos del Sol" will go to social programs supported by Montaner and UNICEF.