- Warner Music Group has cleared Wal-Mart to begin selling DRM-free copies of its entire digital catalog. Wal-Mart removed content from Sony BMG and WMG when it switched over to an MP3-only format.

- Hearst Magazines is adding music widgets to the Seventeen Web site via technology partner Jango. Readers will be able to create personalized playlists and share them with others.

- DeepRockDrive, an online concert streaming service, will stream five live performances sponsored by Pepsi May 16-29. Acts include Lady Antebellum and Disturbed. The site allows viewers to select their camera angle and vote to add songs to the set list, among other interactive features.

- Melodeo has created a Facebook version of its NuTsui applications, which lets users stream their iTunes library and playlists from both their and their friends' profiles.

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