The Disney Channel's made-for-TV movie "Camp Rock" will get a multi-platform release the weekend of June 20 on three channels: the Disney Channel, ABC, and ABC Family.

"Camp Rock" stars the Jonas Brothers and is being styled as Disney's next breakout hit, along the lines of "High School Musical."

The story takes place at a summer rock camp, which Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) can only attend if she works in the kitchen; camp instructor Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) hears her singing in the kitchen one night, and sets out to find which girl at the camp has the amazing voice he overheard. Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas star as Shane's bandmates in the fictional group Connect Three.

The soundtrack to "Camp Rock" will drop on June 17 on Disney Records; the DVD will be released in both standard and Blu-Ray on Aug. 19.

In addition, Lovato will tour with the Jonas Brothers on their Burning Up Tour this summer.