Following the buzz created by the pro-Barack Obama "Yes We Can" viral video and song produced by the Black Eyed Peas', producer Andres Levin has made a similar video in Spanish on's Dipdive site.

"Podemos Con Obama", which can be accessed via, features Paulina Rubio, Don Omar, Alejandro Sanz, Yerba Buena, Brazilian Girls, Lin Manuel Miranda (of the Broadway musical "In the Heights") and many other artists and actors including George Lopez and Jessica Alba. The video was released in advance of Puerto Rico's Sunday presidential primary.

The song's chorus is a chant of the presidential candidate's last name, interspersed with the talent saying things like "Obama is our future," "Obama is education, youth," "Obama is the end of this war in Iraq," and "I identify with him."

Levin previously collaborated with on a bilingual pro-Obama video, "We Are The Ones."