Telemundo has canceled its morning show, "Cada Dia," amid a re-organization of its news and sports divisions.

As with "Mas Vale Tarde," its recently-canceled late-night talk show, "Cada Dia" played host to many musical guests. Fonseca, Graciela Beltran, Pedro Fernandez and Motel recently appeared on "Cada Dia," which has been on for almost two and a half years.

"'Cada Dia' is a show we believed in and were very enthusiastic about, but it did not deliver the necessary performance to sustain the show," the network said in a statement.

The competitor to Univision's morning show, "Despierta America," will be temporarily replaced by a combination of "Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste," local news, Telemundo's talk show "Rocio" and a telenovela block that will include "Amantes del Desierto." A new morning "concept" will be announced soon, according to Telemundo.

"Cada Dia" hosts Maria Antonieta Collins, Jose Diaz Balart, Monica Noguera and Poncho de Anda will remain at Telemundo. The network is re-organizing its news and sports division, with the head of both, Jorge Hidalgo, taking an all-sports focus in the runup to the Olympics. News VP Johanna Guerra will oversee news, now reporting directly to Telemundo president Don Browne.