British police have arrested a DJ who allegedly sold a "vast quantity" of pre-release albums on eBay, including sets by Foals, Delays, Grand National and Kelly Rowland.

The London-based man, who was also a music reviewer, was arrested on suspicion of theft and money laundering. It is understood he used his position as both a DJ and reviewer to obtain promo copies from record labels, which he then auctioned online.

If charges are brought, the case is understood to be the first-ever prosecution involving the sale of pre-release music in the U.K.

Teams from the IFPI and BPI assisted police in their investigation, the result of which was today applauded by the recording industry. "Pre-release piracy causes serious damage to the performers, creators and producers of music," comments John Kennedy, chairman and CEO of the IFPI, in a statement.

Kennedy adds, "People who have access to pre-release music by virtue of their job, and who sell or distribute it illegally, should note that record companies, large and small, are taking a zero tolerance approach to such activity. We will notify the police of their actions and we expect the police will take such a crime very seriously."