Long considered nigh-impossible to export, a new wave of French music is finally breaking on U.S. shores.

When French-Israeli pop singer Yael Naïm's "New Soul" (Atlantic) hit No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February, it marked the highest position for a French artist in 40 years-and also indicated a new U.S. openness to music from France.

Through touring, synch placements and Internet savvy, other French acts are hoping to swiftly follow Naïm's lead.

This year's Coachella festival (April 25-27) featured 14 French artist/DJs, including leading names like Justice, Dimitri From Paris and DJ Mehdi. That compares favorably with eight acts appearing in 2007-itself a sizable improvement on 2006, when Daft Punk was France's sole representative.

"We can now much more easily find bookers [for French acts] in the U.S. than before," Paris-based EMI France international development director Laurence Muller says.

A key role in exposing local talent to U.S. audiences has been the New York-based arm...

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