The American Federation of Musicians has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against American Idol Productions and its subsidiary Tick Tock Productions, who they alleged created an unauthorized orchestral soundtrack for the second season of "American Idol Rewind."

"American Idol Rewind" is a rerun of each season of "American Idol" that is syndicated to various channels across the country. The first season of "American Idol Rewind," covering the 2002 season featuring Kelly Clarkson, is not party to the lawsuit, AFM says.

"When the second season hit, they deleted the tracks [from] the original show," says Dick Gabriel, acting-director of the electronic media services division of the AFM. "That kind of set everybody back."

According to the lawsuit, this soundtrack for the second season was not recorded under a prior agreement between the union and American Idol Productions, which maintains that "75% of scale to be paid for the second and third showing" of the program to each musician employed in the original performance, as well as 10% to go to the union's pension fund.

The union seeks payment of these fees, as well as penalties, damages, attorney feels and an injunction against further removal of the original musical performances.

A spokesperson from American Idol did not immediately return a request for comment.