Digital distributor IODA has added Miami-based Fuego and Brazil's MCD Entertainment to its roster of independent label partners.

Fuego's retail division, as well as digital retailers Agave Mobile and iMusica, have also joined as distribution partners.

IODA will make Fuego's 2,000-track catalog available for sale, and Fuego's retail site will sell tracks from IODA's catalog. Brazil-based digital retail service provider iMusica, which operates in 18 countries via partners such as MSN, TelCel and ComCel, is also joining IODA's distribution network.

MisRolas subsidiary Agave Mobile produces and distributes ringtones, wallpapers and videos targeted at consumers of independent Latin music.

IODA distributes content worldwide, including in about two-dozen Spanish-speaking countries, and is a partner with mobile provider Telefonica.