After Orchard purchased TVT last month, employees of the shuttered record company were forced to fend for themselves. Former TVT senior VP of promotion Joe Carvello used the label's transition as incentive to begin his own record label, Upstream Music Group LLC.

Launched in June, Upstream is distributed by Asylum Records and will serve as a marketing and promotion house. The company will offer 360 deals to its artists via in-house marketing, promotion, publicity and publishing.

"The record business is out sourcing promotion services at an accelerated rate because personnel is shrinking while album releases continue to increase," says Carvello. "Majors are looking to cost-effectively find out what they have regarding their artists' viability before putting a single into the pipeline and Upstream provides that service."

Drawing from TVT's former promotion staff, Carvello is confident that his fledgling company will flourish. Currently, he's in talks with several artists, two Southern hip-hop artists and one dance group.

"Through my time at Priority, where I worked before TVT, and TVT, I learned that if you have good records, marketable artists, personal credibility, relationships and a dedicated staff anything is possible," says Carvello.