Def Jam's Rihanna is the face and sound of a new back to school campaign from electronics retailer Circuit City.

The campaign, from the Richmond Va.-based company's in-house advertising unit, uses the music from the singer's new single "Disturbia" from her latest album "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded." In addition Rihanna's face is in online ads for the store.

The ads, which will start running next week, feature clips from the music video and the song "Disturbia" plays throughout it. In addition, a mobile offering, available on, will let users download a free voice tone of the singer and exclusive wallpaper images.

The singer will also participate in an online chat on August 20.

"This time tends to be stressful time for parents. The idea of leveraging technology to stay in touch with friends and family while away at school is in line with how Rihanna does things on her tours," says Troy Yenser, category marketing manager, Circuit City.

The video for the single is being rolled out to different media outlets this week. On Tuesday it was released to iTunes, on Thursday it will debut on MTV and BET and on Friday it will be shown before movies in theaters controlled by Screenvision, the New York based cinema advertising network.