Belgian musician, composer and radio personality Marc Moulin has died after suffering throat cancer. He was 66.

Moulin started his career in the Sixties as a pianist, journalist and composer of TV music. His jazz background led to the launch of his band Placebo with Philip Catherine and three albums, featuring a blend of big band jazz and avant-garde jazz-rock.

With the solo album "Sam Suffy" (1975), Moulin was an early pioneer of the art of sampling.

In 1978, Moulin joined the French language national radio station Radio Cite. He presented and produced programmes until 1986. He also composed songs for artists like Sparks, Alain Chamfort and Lio.

The combination of burlesque humour and proto-techno with the trio Telex (1979-1986) was followed by the "Top Secret" (2001) and "Entertainment" (2004) albums on Blue Note, making Moulin the first ever Belgian musician to release music with the prestigious jazz imprint.

After the "30th anniversary collection" (2005) and "The Placebo Years" (2006), Moulin released "I am You" in Jan. 2007.

Moulin died on Friday (Sept. 26). He was buried in Elsene yesterday (Sept. 30) in a private ceremony, after which the news of his death was announced.