Spanish authors and publishers collecting society SGAE has opened its second cultural center outside Spain as part of its ARTeria project to promote and foment music and other cultural activities. ARTeria is a division of SGAE's promotion arm Fundación Autor.

Similarly, ARTeria Mexico has opened a cultural center in the historic quarter of Mexico City to attract a new, young audience to its cultural activities, including music workshops, performances and record presentations.

It follows the recent inauguration of ARTeria Buenos Aires in the capital of Argentina, South America. Another eight ARTeria centers already operate in Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.

Like the other ARTeria centers, the Mexico installment will offer music workshops and training courses that it hopes will benefit artistic exchange, especially with Latin America and Europe.

ARTeria will seek the participation of institutional and corporative groups through sponsorship and cooperation deals with public and private companies.

ARTeria director of exploitation and marketing, Raul Ramos says, "ARTeria is an international effort to break down barriers so that different audiences can find a common meeting place, culturally and physically in each center. We shall be opening other ARTeria centers across Latin America in the near future."

Fundación Autor and SGAE have offices in the United States, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, China and Japan, as well as Spain. SGAE is the world's fifth biggest collecting society, comprising 91,300 members, mainly in Spain and Latin America.