Argentine production company Cris Morena Group and its partner, media company RGB Entertainment, have signed a strategic, three-year agreement with Mexican media giant Televisa to develop original shows and audio-visual content for international markets.

Specifically, the deal calls for the three companies to jointly create, produce and exploit scripts and produced shows geared toward a family audience. Televisa's international division will distribute all productions worldwide.

Under the new agreement, all of CMG's contents will be exploited and distributed internationally by Televisa. The first two first series to fall under the agreement are "Casi Angeles" and "B&B."

CMG and RGB, who have been associated for many years, have produced countless teen and tween soap operas and series, which have been successfully exported and licensed around the world.

Most of the productions have a strong musical component and have given way to the creation of successful musical groups, whose recordings are released via licensing deals with various major labels. Morena is well known for conceiving and developing teen musical soap opera "Rebelde Way."

The concept was eventually licensed by Televisa, which produced "Rebelde," the soap that gave birth to popular musical group RBD.