Argentine singer/songwriter Diego Torres has signed a long-term recording deal with Universal Music Group. Torres, who had long been signed to BMG, and later Sony BMG, recorded his last album for that company in 2006. Now, he is working on a new set that is slated for release in mid-2009 under Universal.

Torres is one of Argentina’s best known pop acts in the Latin music realm and gained world-wide notoriety with his 2002 hit, “Color Esperanza,” which became an anthem for Argentina during the country’s economic crisis. Already a star throughout Latin America, Torres further expanded his reach with a subsequent “MTV Unplugged” special that aired throughout the region.

His last album for Sony BMG was 2006’ “Andando.” The tour of the same name had Torres play 200 shows throughout Latin America.

Although Torres’ new deal with Universal is not a 360 deal, it does give
Universal a percentage of some of Torres’ ancillary business in limited