A Puerto Rican digital media company has launched a new online service that allows users to send personalized video greetings.

“Postcards From The Stars” launched Oct. 21 with an alliance with Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin. For $3.99 a pop, the service allows users to send a personalized Ricky Martin video greeting over the Internet. The concept is similar to that of online greeting cards except that “Postcards From the Stars” is an actual video. A proprietary software allows for seamless editing that incorporates personalized messaging.

Martin, for example, recorded greetings for 100 names in Spanish and 100 names in English, from 100 cities and for 50 different occasions. All those segments are edited together per each personalized request. The company has a 60-day exclusivity period with Martin, and during that time, a percentage of all proceeds from the greetings sold will go towards the Ricky Martin Foundation, which works to prevent child trafficking.

Following the 60-day exclusivity, Postcards president Pedro Juan Hernández says he is finalizing contracts with three other celebrities, including two musical acts. Although the Martin postcards do not include music, Hernández says the concept is developing and may incorporate music in the future.