London-based music and media accountancy firm Hemingway has held an official launch for its expanded business operation.

Hemingway has partnered with Andrew Wilkinson, founder of tour production and management company Kingstreet Tours, also based in London.

Wilkinson has taken equity in Hemingway as part of the deal. All future joint business will stream through Hemingway; Kingstreet will then support artists who reach a higher international level of success, providing financial management for touring.

Samantha Hemingway and Wilkinson held a launch party at their premises to introduce the new business association to clients. There are now plans to expand the client roster to include U.S. artists.

Hemingway Ltd was founded in 2004 by managing director Samantha Hemingway. Previously she worked at booking agent Helter Skelter and later joined the Wall Of Sound label as finance manager and Strut Records, also as finance manager.

Hemingway's clients include Lex Records, the Guilty Pleasures club brand and Ladytron DJs.