Hollywood Records and Universal Music have called upon Vivaty to create a virtual world listening party for the new Queen + Paul Rodgers album "The Cosmos Rocks."

The company, which specializes in creating social virtual scenes, has built a warehouse scene that contains an album preview, among other features, and can be embedded on Web sites and blogs.

Vivaty created two levels that fans can virtually explore, browse the space for videos, listen to music, and see vintage Queen with the late Freddie Mercury on vocals, all while in the form of an avatar. The virtual scene is expected to handle about 15 visitors at a time, but the company can create any number of scenes, as needed, to accommodate all fans at the same time.

In addition, fans can see band merchandise and even buy the album by linking through to Amazon. Also part of the experience, fans in the same scene can chat with one another, says Keith McCurdy of Vivaty.

"We saw this as an interesting and fun way to do the listening party kind of event, which would have value to fans all across the country," instead of holding event in select market, says Hollywood director of marketing Charlie D'Atri.

Queen + Paul Rodgers opened its tour in Kharkov Freedom Square in Ukraine in front of 350,000 people, D'Atri reports. "I have video from that which will be live" in the Queen warehouse.

"Queen is a franchise band with a large following," he says. We really wanted to recast in some ways how the band was interfacing with the evolving net...so the [Vivaty promotion] was a pretty natural partnership," D'Atri says.