Gold Coast Radio and Lazer Broadcasting are suing each other, reports the Ventura County Star. Gold Coast, which owns regional Mexican KMLA (La M)/Oxnard, Calif., and promoter Universo Musical, allege actions taken by Lazer have damaged their businesses. The amount of damages Gold Coast and Universo Musical are seeking weren't specified.

Lazer, which owns 17 stations – including regional Mexican KXLM (Radio Lazer)/Oxnard, rated No. 1 12+ (6.9) in the market the spring '08 survey – countersued to keep Gold Coast from claiming "La M" is the No. 1 station in the market. "La M" is No. 4 12+ (4.4) in spring '08, a position it also held in the fall '07 with a 4.2 12+.

A jury is currently hearing the trial, which began on Wednesday (Oct. 29).