-Adam Lindemann, Mega Communications' owner, is exiting the radio business and has donated WLCC (La Ley)/Tampa to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.

The MMTC will take over the station before the end of the year, MMTC executive director David Honig told R&R. He also confirmed the station will keep the regional Mexican format and said it will also be used as a training facility for minority salespeople fluent in Spanish.

Executive VP of operations Rafael Grullón and national/regional sales manager Jeff Stein confirmed to R&R that they will continue to run the station.

-In a unique move by a Spanish-language station, Border Media Partners today (Nov. 25) flipped Spanish Christian KVJY (La Luz)/McAllen to all-Christmas "La Luz de la Navidad."

The station features Christmas songs by all Latin artists, regardless of genre. The all-Christmas format will remain until Dec. 25.

On the flip, BMP VP of programming José Santos told R&R, "It's Christmas, it's time to cheer up and do something different in Spanish."

-Lazer Broadcasting has won the counterclaim it filed against Gold Coast Radio seeking an injunction to force the company to stop claiming its station KMLA (La M)/Oxnard, Calif. is the No. 1 station in the market.

Lazer owns regional Mexican KXLM (Radio Lazer)/Oxnard, rated the No. 1 12+ station in the market in spring '08, regardless of language, and 16 other properties.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Henry Walsh ruled in Lazer's favor and Gold Coast will not be allowed to use that statement in any ads. Gold Coast responded by saying that it had never made that claim, and "if any employees did so, management would see that it stopped," reports the Ventura County Star.

Previously, Gold Coast and event promoter Universo Musical had sued Lazer claiming it intentionally interfered with their customers, advertisers and music performers to undercut their businesses. Gold Coast and Universo Musical were awarded $553,000.