Following full-year results for Warner Music Group that showed a 39% increase in digital revenue to $639 million, representing 18% of total revenue, the major's label Atlantic is claiming a milestone in digital music.

More than half of Atlantic Records' revenue in the U.S. is from digital products, making it the first major label to reach that proportion for digital, according to the New York Times. Its artist roster includes Bloc Party, T.I., Estelle, Death Cab For Cutie and Led Zeppelin.

Although WMG's fourth quarter results, issued Nov. 25, did not break down figures for its labels, Atlantic's digital sales revenue has reportedly reached 51% of total revenue.

"I think we've figured it out," Julie Greenwald, president of Atlantic Records, told the New York Times. "It used to be that you could connect five dots and sell a million records. Now there are 20 dots you can connect to sell a million records."