Lost Highway and Nacional Records will help market each other’s respective releases by Morrissey and Manu Chao. Nashville-based Lost Highway, home to many alt-country artists and to Morrissey’s Feb. 17 album “Years of Refusal,” will help market Manu Chao’s “La Radiolina,” an album released by Latin alternative label Nacional in 2007.

In exchange, Los Angeles-based Nacional will help market Morrissey’s album to Latin audiences, which are among the British singer’s most loyal fans.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, Nacional president Tomas
Cookman touted “the opportunity to expose [Manu Chao’s] music to a new and open-minded audience.” Chao, a Latin Grammy winner born in Spain, sings in several languages and has a global following among punk and world music lovers alike.

Lost Highway VP of A&R Kim Buie commented, “With the declining economy that we are all facing, it makes sense to seek new ways, and specific to our efforts here, new markets - to promote our respective projects.”