- Ars Technica has a rundown on the weirdness surrounding the RIAA v. Joel Tenenbaum piracy case. In addition to the ongoing back-and-forth over whether the trial can be streamed online, the RIAA is now seeking action against the defendant's lawyer, Harvard law professor Charles Nesson.

- CNET takes a closer look at how Warner Music Group's decision to pull its content from YouTube is affecting users, many of whom have begun posting protest videos deriding WMG for the move. The story also says Sony Music Entertainment is close to finalizing a new agreement with YouTube.

- ReadWriteWeb has an overview of four online music recommendation services: Pandora, Mufin, Lala and eMusic, comparing how each approaches it differently. It also throws in a few words about Slacker Radio, Apple's Genius sidebar and others in the mix.

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