European digital distributor 24-7 Entertainment announced its entry into the Spanish market with the launch of Filmax's music download store

The store is powered by 24-7 Entertainment, describing it as one of "a myriad of digital entertainment sites all linked to one another under the yodecido umbrella."

The music store currently features content from EMI and Warner, with Sony and Universal expected to be added soon. All key independent labels are included, among them the Orchard, IODA, and PIAS. Both WMA and MP3 files are available for a-la-carte download, and a monthly subscription service will be added soon.

24-7 Entertainment specialises in online and mobile distribution of digital entertainment. With offices in the U.K., Germany, Spain and Denmark, the company says it has license agreements in place with more than 12,000 labels.

"We are delighted to have entered the Spanish market with such a well respected client as Filmax, and we are confident that other Latin accounts will follow suit," said 24-7 Entertainment CEO Frank Taubert in a statement.

Barcelona-based Filmax, with offices in Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Los Angeles, Ca., is one of the main Spanish independent groups providing audio-visual content.

Josep Monleón, Filmax's digital director and CEO of Yodecido, said: "With, a new era begins for Filmax Entertainment, positioning us as the local front-runner of digital music web stores." The service also offers films for download purchase, hire and streaming.