MTV Networks International has unveiled plans to introduce new music programming formats focusing on new acts and live performances, which will be broadcast across 62 MTV channels in 162 countries.

The MTV World Stage format will feature live performances from around the world screened every Friday night on a high-profile MTV channel, such as MTV1 in the U.K.

MTV World Stage will launch on Feb. 27 with a Coldplay performance filmed at Tokyo's Saitama Super Arena this week.

"We're excited about that, we feel that's an absolute perfect fit and a great way to launch that franchise," Bruce Gillmer, SVP of talent and music for MTVNI, tells

"Coldplay are very aware that their show will be premiering on MTV's World Stage and that it will be seen on all the MTV channels around the world. And they're very excited about that because it's obviously a much wider and comprehensive format than we've been able to offer before. The viewer will definitely become aware that this is piece of live content that is being seen around the world on the same night."

Scheduled MTV World Stage concerts include a double bill from the Pussycat Dolls and Katy Perry (March 6), Slipknot (March 13), Oasis (March 20), Franz Ferdinand (March 27), Duffy (May 29) and Kaiser Chiefs (June 5).

Further performances include Linkin Park, Metallica, REM, Kings of Leon, Amy Winehouse, Enrique Iglesias, the Cure and Kid Rock. The majority of the shows will be shot specifically for the format, although Gilmer adds that MTVNI may also acquire exclusive footage from elsewhere.

The Push format, dedicated to new artists, will roll out globally in March with unique bespoke multi-platform content using MTV's on-air, Web and mobile assets. Content will include online interviews, blogs and live sessions.

U.S. pop-rock act Metro Station and U.K. indie-rock band White Lies will be the first featured artists and their videos are already airing on MTV channels, to be followed by vignette interviews to run alongside the tracks.

White Lies scored a No. 1 album in the U.K. with their debut "To Lose My Life" (Fiction/Polydor) last month.

"As we move forward and we look to strengthen not only our existing relationships with the music industry, record companies and so forth, we're looking to continue the process of delivering new and exciting acts to our viewers as well," says Gillmer.

"That's always been the goal with MTV. With Push it's a new exciting platform because it's very comprehensive and focused. It really is the first time that we've united and leveraged all of our channels around the world simultaneously for an initiative such as this. This is definitely the way of the future for us and a natural evolution from where we've been before."

He also predicts that Push could develop to become a branded live event.

"I think the natural evolution of push could be - and we've had early discussions - the possibility of branding an MTV Push tour once a handful of these acts have reached a certain level of development, absolutely," he says. "We are definitely thinking in those terms."

Gillmer says the industry is already working acts to MTV for the Push format. "That's a sign they're embracing the concept already, which is fantastic for us," he says. "We're looking for acts that have global potential. So with Push we do choose the acts early on, in many cases they've only been worked promotionally to a market or two."

Gillmer adds that both formats will get high-profile slots on MTV channels globally. "That's definitely the goal for all the music initiatives, to put them in the best possible positions around the world, we are looking to maximise the impact, hence MTV1 in the U.K.," he says.