Apple rumors have been quiet on the music front for a while, but an new one has popped up regarding a potential streaming service. According to AppleInsider, Apple may add a feature in iTunes 8 that will let users stream any media purchased from iTunes to any other Apple-made Internet-connected device.

According to the report, the service - potentially dubbed "iTunes Replay" - would grant access to the any media stored on its servers that iTunes users have already purchased. They could then stream it from connected devices such as the Apple TV or the iPhone, negating the need to store large files of video or music on each.

The move would be a step towards achieving what many feel is the future of digital media - remote access rather than local storage. Connected devices like the iPod Touch and the iPhone are expected to one day replace the large, multi-GB storage devices of past iPods as streaming technology improves along with the growing ubiquity of broadband access.