Microsoft has restructured its Zune division.

A report in CNET, based on an interview with Microsoft, details how the team is now split between hardware and software responsibilities. The latter is now under the purview of the Mediaroom and MediaCenter TV business, led by Enrique Rodriguez, while the former will report to the head of Microsoft's Windows Mobile unit Tom Gibbons.

The move came during the Jan. 22 layoffs within Microsoft. Rodriguez told CNET the shift comes at a time when the company is preparing to expand the Zune service to devices other than the Zune MP3 player. That includes mobile phones made by other manufacturers that run the Windows Mobile operating system. It may also include devices like the Xbox 360 game console.

The Zune strategy could certainly use a boost. The division's revenues fell by over 50% in the fourth quarter from the year prior, despite making well-regarded improvements to the service.

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