Mun2, the bilingual entertainment channel geared toward Latino youth, has reached a major distribution goal: it will now be seen in its home market of Los Angeles on Time Warner Cable.

The cable operator has picked up carriage of the NBC-Universal channel as part of its variety tier, making it available in 1.9 million homes in the nation's top Hispanic media market.

L.A. cable carriage had long been a goal of mun2, which moved from Miami to L.A. in 2005 and opened its own studios on Universal CityWalk in 2007.

Among the top-rated original shows on the channel, which previously had only been available on satellite in L.A., are the regional Mexican video show "Reventon Countdown" and regional Mexican video and interview show "Reventon."

With the addition of L.A. cable, mun2 is now distributed in over 28 million