Univision Radio has confirmed to R&R that its Dallas properties have gone through some changes. Regional Mexican KESS (La Qué Buena 107.9) has flipped to Latin pop as "La Kalle," and Latin rhythm KFZO (La Kalle 99.1) took on regional Mexican as "La Qué Buena 99.1 FM."

In addition, regional Mexican KDXX (Estéreo Latino 107.1) has essentially gone away, with the 107.1 frequency simulcasting La Qué Buena 99.1 FM.

With this move, the Latin rhythm format has lost one more outlet.

As for the morning shows, La Qué Buena keeps "Piolín por la Mañana," and "Raúl Brindis y Pepito," which was previously in mornings on Estéreo Latino, is out.

"Raúl Brindis y Pepito" originates at the company's regional Mexican KLTN (Estéreo Latino)/Houston.