Contrary to opinions raised in the preceding panel that investors are getting ready to flee the music industry, Cicso Media Solutions Group senior VP/GM Daniel Scheinman said now is the perfect time to invest in the music business.

Scheinman's comments came during a keynote Q&A session, which also featured WMG executive VP of digital strategy and business development Michael Nash, at the Billboard Music & Money Symposium today (March 5) in New York.

Scheinman said Cisco executives believe that the best time to enter into a market is when it is experiencing disruptions and "this is the mother of all disruptions." He later said that the music industry is through the denial stage of the digital revolution and said the labels "are in 2012, not 1998." They are committed to live in the digital marketplace, he added.

Cisco is betting on the entertainment space through its Eos software platform, and it is working with the Warner Music Group to connect consumers and content. Already, WMG has launched two artist Web sites backed by Eos, said Nash.

The key to the WMG strategy was to acknowledge that, "we are not a technology company," Nash said. So the company set out identifying a company that could be aligned with WMG, which had a "confluent" business. WMG needed a world class sustainable and scalable model for launching and building artist Web sites, which is where Cisco comes in. Nash said that with the transformation of the music industry "you have to monetize all aspects" of the artist relationship with the fan.

Scheinman said that Cisco will work across the entertainment center and is actively in talks to bring Eos to more companies. Also, he said that Eos, which has about 60 people, has made three acquisitions so far, spending $50 million. Just like WMG realized it is not a technology company, "we don't want to become a media company," Scheinman said. "We don't want to compete with our partners.

The one-day Billboard Music & Money Symposium is happening today (March 5) at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. For AEG president and CEO Tim Leiweke's keynote Q&A session at the event, click here.

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