Mexican law enforcement and military personnel raided a pirate CD and DVD production house in Veracruz, Mexico, on Tuesday, according to the IFPI. The labels body says the facility was run by Los Zetas, the enforcer squad of Mexico's Gulf cartel of narcotraffickers.

Authorities seized over 350,000 music CDs, over 300,000 DVDs, 30,000 blank DVD-Rs, 1,800 burners and 380,000 film and music inlay cards. Seven people were arrested.

"It seems that besides providing protection and security to the Gulf Cartel, these individuals are now reproducing pirate music and films in the various states throughout Mexico," says an IFPI statement. "The group controls distribution of the pirate products by threatening merchants that refuse [to] sell their branded products. According to authorities, the large number of burners seized in the operation will have an impact on the short term supply of pirate product in the Veracruz area."