Rush manager Ray Danniels was inducted into the Music Managers Forum Canada honour roll at a ceremony in downtown Toronto during Canadian Music Week.

The outstanding contribution award was previously won by Bryan Adams' manager Bruce Allen and Bernie Finkelstein, manager of Bruce Cockburn.

"Getting this is significant to me," says Danniels, "because of the two men who have received it previously, who I really respect-and are really different from me." He was presented with the award last night (March 11).

Danniels considers himself profoundly lucky to have spent a three decade-plus term as manager of veteran Toronto rock act Rush. "We wouldn't be talking at all if it weren't for Rush," he observes.

Danniels began managing Rush in 1971, taking them from obscurity to become one of Canada's all-time greats. He also managed Van Halen, the Tea Party, and Max Webster. Danniels is yet to break a female act, he says, and is currently working with ex-Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle on her new project Spinnerette.

Meantime, he says, Rush is taking the year off and will return with a new album in 2010.

However, Danniels admits that finding another act with that band's sort of consistency and longevity is next to impossible in the current music climate. "I just don't think the audiences today have the same sort of loyalty or attention spans," he says. "I'm not seeing the bands in the past few years that will be around in a decade or two."