Terry McBride, Nettwerk Music Group CEO, tells Billboard.biz that there is no truth to rumors that Nettwerk is for sale, although he says he's always looking for partners that can help it expand.

As for recent speculation that he might quit to devote more time to yoga - a major interest of his - McBride says he's invested in six yoga studios, and will release albums of music for yoga, but that's where it ends.

Despite a well-publicised management split with Avril Lavigne, McBride says the pair remain on good terms. McBride says he simply allowed Lavigne to split, although an undisclosed financial agreement was reached afterwards. He adds that he's heard from the singer recently - and she's using Nettwerk to assist in selling her merchandise.

As for that public spat with Steven Page over comments about the singer's role in writing the Barenaked Ladies' key singles, McBride says his remarks were "taken totally out of context."

"I was just trying to explain the band would continue," says McBride, referring to Page's recent departure from the band to pursue a solo career.

McBride is also hoping for a new album by Canadian singer songwriter Sarah McLachlan. Her last proper studio album was six years ago and McBride admits that after Christmas and greatest hits records, he's running out of ways of maintaining McLachlan's profile. "But Sarah," he says, "will work at her own pace."

McBride recently gave a keynote at Canadian Music Week in Toronto last week.

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