Internet use by Hispanics between 2004 and 2008 grew by 43% in Phoenix, Ariz., according to a study by Scarborough Research. The study looked at rates of Hispanic Internet use in 13 markets, of which Phoenix had experienced the highest growth, followed by Dallas and Houston.

High-speed Internet access in Hispanic homes was highest in Miami, where 76% of Hispanic Internet users had broadband at home. Lowest broadband penetration rates among Hispanic Internet users were in Harlingen, Tex. (48%) and Fresno, Calif. (52%).

Thirty-two percent of Hispanic Internet users surveyed had downloaded music in the prior month, compared to 24% of non-Hispanic Internet users. In Phoenix, the download rate for digital content was highest, at 60% of Hispanic Internet users surveyed. Though Miami had a higher rate of home broadband penetration by Hispanic Internet users, it was near the bottom for downloads. Hispanics in Phoenix also outspent those in Miami in terms of online purchases.

-Telemundo and Televisa are launching a new joint-venture TV channel for Mexico and Latin America that will carry Telemundo shows on Televisa-owned cable and satellite properties. The channel will launch this summer on Televisa's Sky and Cablevisión networks, with eight hours of programming to repeat three times a day. The lineup will include such shows as "Al Rojo Vivo" and "Levántate."

The new channel is part of a programming license agreement struck by Telemundo and Mexican media conglomerate Televisa last year. The agreement provides for Telemundo content to be distributed on Televisa's broadcast, pay TV and digital platforms.