- EMI is cutting back operations at its Jacksonville, Illinois, distribution center. (Journal-Courier)

- Lala's new iPhone app previewed with text and video. "Unfortunately, it still may be a while before everyone can get their hands on the app. Lala says that there isn't any concrete release date for the iPhone application, explaining that it still needs work on a number of fronts....Hopefully it won't be too long - this app would be a boon for users with large music libraries, and would also offer a huge boost to the Lala service as a whole." (TechCrunch)

- Bob Dylan, who has a new album, "Together Through Life," due April 28 on Columbia Records, has a free download of the song "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" at the always-free MP3 blog RCRD LBL. It's a turning point for distribution when Sony loosens its grip on digital music. Free MP3s of relative unknowns, typically the stuff on RCRD LBL, that's one thing. Lack of awareness is hardly a problem here. (RCRD LBL)

- A good take on the state of online music services. A sample: "Consumers won't pay in numbers for streaming or recommendation. They will tolerate some advertising if the trade-off seems reasonable. They have yet to really work out how streaming music for free impacts on their overall, long-term music consumption, but the chances are they will use streaming services to listen to a greater variety of music and take the risk out of music purchases. Since this means more time listening than shopping, that will inevitably mean less music purchases." (Juggernaut Brew)

- Death Row Records will re-launch on April 18 with a three-store sampler of unreleased songs that will be released in conjunction with Record Store Day. WIDEawake Entertainment Group of Toronto, now owns Death Row. (Hip Hop Galaxy)

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