Los Angeles will soon have a new Spanish language pop station via a Mexican connection. Beginning April 15, English language station KMVN-FM (93.9 FM), current home to deejay Rick Dees, will flip to Latin pop format through a deal with Mexican broadcaster Grupo Radio Centro (GRC). GRC will provide programming and sell advertising.

KMVN is owned by Emmis Communications Corp., which entered into a long-term agreement with GRC in which the Mexican broadcaster will pay $7 million a year for up to seven years. After that time, GRC is obligated to buy the station outright for $110 million or find another buyer for it, although it can exercise its option earlier.

GRC is a powerful entity in Mexico, where it owns five FM stations and eightAM stations and operates an additional FM station. Holdings include Red FM, which broadcasts English language pop, and Latin top 40 station 97.7 FM. In published reports, a spokesman for Emmis said KMVN had improved its ratings but wasn't profitable, and that the deal with GRC would provide an opportunity to "monetize the station and create additional liquidity."