EMI Music is doing "everything we can" to recover money owed from failed wholesale distributor Entertainment U.K. in connection with a Simply Red greatest hits set, according to a spokesperson.

It follows reports that the U.K. soul-pop act is suing EMI for £300,000 ($441,700), claiming it is owed the money from more than 50,000 sales of "Simply Red: The Greatest Hits" via EUK last year. EMI was the distributor for the album.

"We're doing everything we can to recover the money that Entertainment U.K. owes us in connection with Simply Red and are fully committed to sharing the proceeds with them," said an EMI spokesperson.

EUK went into administration - roughly equivalent to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - in November 2008, under the control of administrators Deloitte.

Various companies have been seeking payment or the return of stock from EUK.