The developers behind the pending "The Beatles: Rock Band" game leaked a few more drops of information about the title Thursday (April 16), specifically pertaining to the limited edition premium bundle.

In addition to the core game, the limited edition bundle will include a replica of the Hofner Bass used by Paul McCartney back in the day, as an optional controller, as well as a Ludwig-branded drum kit controller complete with classic pearl finish and a vintage replica kick drum head.

Developer Harmonix, owned by MTV Games, also revealed the European pricing for the title - €200 ($262) in continental Europe and £180 ($270)in the UK.

Expect to see a regular slow leak of small tidbits of information like this from now until the scheduled Sept. 9 release of the game. Other rumored details of the game include the possibility to support multiple microphones so gamers can sing in harmony, according to the gossip section of Game Informer magazine. The fact that the limited edition bundle will ship with a microphone stand supports this theory.