The Mexican beer brand Cerveza Indio decided last year that it needed an image makeover. So it threw its support behind some unlikely candidates for a corporate endorsement: the anti-establishment rock band Molotov, the rock-electronica indie group Kinky and the rock-ska act Panteón Rococó.

Armed with the slogan "La Cosa Es Buscarle" (The Thing Is to Find a Way), Cerveza Indio featured the acts (as well as actors) on billboards, in print ads and in a series of TV spots discussing their search for creative inspiration. Now, the campaign is expanding to concerts, with the Forza Fogoza festival set for May 9 at Querétaro's 10,000-capacity Casino Leonístico. Molotov, Kinky, Los Amigos Invisibles, Sussie 4 and other alternative bands will play the show, whose co-sponsors include Mentos, Ray-Ban, Pepsi and Electropura water. (Panteón Rococó is on a U.S. tour.)

Prior to its high-profile rock campaign, Cerveza Indio employed more discreet branding tools like...

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