Australian DJ and producer duo Canyons will be looking to turn their dancefloor buzz into a chart boilover after striking separate deals with Modular Recordings and Mushroom Music Publishing.

The adventurous electronic act, comprising Leo Holiday and Ryan Sea-Mist, will cut an album for release in 2010 through a global deal with Modular. A single will drop before the year is out.

Canyons are a part of Australia's evolving music landscape which, in recent years, has shifted towards electronic music. Modular's dance and electronic-tinged signings have largely set the pace, initially with the Melbourne cut 'n paste troupe Avalanches and more recently with the likes of scene-setters the Presets and electro pop outfit Cut Copy.

"They're not like any other artist on our label, they don't sound like anyone else," comments Steve "Pav" Pavlovic, managing director of Modular Recordings, whose roster of Australasian artists includes the rockers Wolfmother and pop newcomer Ladyhawke.

Pavlovic says he went with his gut instinct in signing Canyons, who have remixed tracks for Empire of the Sun and Ladyhawke and separately run the Hole in the Sky label.

"We signed them because I like it, and I'm a pretty average dude which means the guy next door will probably like it too," he quips. "We sign people on the assumption it is good, and people will like it. That's been good to us in the past so we stick to it."

Two 12-inch Canyons discs are due out in the coming months. The first, "Blue Snakes," is scheduled for a May release on I'm a Cliché, while "Fire Eyes" is due July 21 on DFA.