Spain's Internet service provider association Redtel refuses to hold any more talks on illegal P2P file-sharing with the culture content industry until the government comes up with a viable legal solution to the problems, Redtel president Miguel Canalejo said at his first public appearance as ISP cartel leader. Redtel's members are Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and Ono.

Canalejo confirmed that talks with the Coalition of Creators and Content Industries have effectively been "suspended" since April 16, when Redtel rejected the Coalition's "three-strikes" proposals to disconnect Internet users who ignored warnings not to download material protected by intellectual property legislation.

The Coalition, made up by labels' body Promusicae, collecting societies including SGAE, and sections of the film industry, is to hold a press conference on Friday (June 19) to release its latest online piracy figures. It will be the first public appearance by Coalition president Aldo Olcese, who is expected to comment on Redtel's decision.

"We will resume the negotiation [with the Coalition] only when the government puts on the table the measures it has planned," said Canalejo, adding that these measures must "protect [Internet] users and give legal security to [ISP] operators".

The Coalition recently backed down on its "three-strikes" demand and instead proposed that Internet access speed be reduced against offenders. Canalejo said that Redtel rejected both options outright.

"Reducing access speed is impossible from a technical point of view," Canalejo said. "Besides, it would be useless. Music would continue to be downloaded with a slower connection."