-- Thia was predictable: 41% of BitTorrent users surveyed by TorrentFreak said they will conceal their identities rather than heed ISP warning letters. Only 7% predicted they would obey the warning and stop sharing. The article runs through the growing list of services, including the Pirate Bay's Ipredator, that hide the user's IP address. (TorrentFreak)

-- Why did a jury find Jammie Thomas-Rasset guilty and hand down such a penalty? Copyrights & Campaigns' Ben Sheffner breaks it down: the evidence was overwhelming, the jurors were offended by her testimony, and the plaintiff's attorneys performed better than did the defendant's attorneys. On the decision by the jury: "They obviously did not believe her, as even her defense counsel Kiwi Camara acknowledged a few minutes after the verdict. ... And I'm willing to bet that many were especially offended that she tried to pin the blame on her kids." (Copyrights & Campaigns)

-- According to a KPMG survey of 4,200 consumers in 19 countries, consumer satisfaction for mobile music is 66% and 49% of mobile music users would accept advertising (the amount is only 28% for games). (MocoNews)

-- The average time per user spent at Twitter has grown 175% over a year ago. "Despite being the fastest-growing brand year-over-year, Twitter's month-over-month growth has begun to slow, increasing 7 percent from April. The average time per person on Twitter increased 175 percent year-over-year, from 6 minutes and 19 seconds in May 2008 to 17 minutes and 21 seconds in May 2009. However, month-over-month growth was flat, decreasing one percent from April 2009." (Nielsen Wire)